Unfortunately, hip pain is a very common and uncomfortable side effect, particularly during the third trimester of pregnancy. Solar Panels However, most of the focus and information regarding pregnancy’s pains are placed on issues with the back or pelvic area.

There is little information available regarding hip pains during pregnancy, but there are a few answers. During pregnancy our bodies release a hormone called relaxin to help our bodies prepare for carrying a child and giving birth. These hormones (you guessed it!) relax and loosen the joints and muscles in the pelvic area, which allow the hips to spread to accommodate the baby. Your posture may also suffer as the weight is concentrated in your uterus, changing your center of gravity. This also will put more pressure and stress on your hips.

Sleeping with a pillow between your legs at night will help take some of the pressure off of your hips. There are also body pillows available that are curved to support not only your hips, but also your stomach and neck. By supporting these specific areas, your spine will also be supported, which will help decrease the pain during the day as well. Using a large exercise ball to sit on can also help take the stress off of your hips and pelvic area, but be sure to get a helping hand for balance when sitting down or getting up!

If it seems that your hip pain is more prominent at certain times of the day or during activities such as walking, bending at the hips, or standing for a long time, let your OB/GYN know. They may suggest seeing a physical therapist to help you ease the pain and gain more flexibility.

Though walking is often suggested to stay healthy and prepare yourself for giving birth, if a woman is having hip pain, she may be advised to limit her walking. Many women also enjoy yoga, pilates, or other gentle stretching exercises during pregnancy to help ease pain, improve their flexibility, and prepare their bodies for giving birth.

Chiropractic care may also be suggested. If your hips are out of alignment, you may benefit from an adjustment from a chiropractor who has been trained in pregnancy care. A massage may feel very good to a pregnant woman as well. Therapeutic massage is much more effective than relaxation massage when you have hip pains during pregnancy. You will want to make sure you are able to go to a therapeutic masseuse who is trained in helping pregnant women, because there are acupressure points in the legs and feet that are associated with the reproductive system and should be avoided during pregnancy.

Not every woman will experience hip pain during pregnancy, but when it occurs it can be very unnerving. Finding the best way to deal with and ease your hip pain without causing more is very important. These are supposed to be joyous months for a woman, and you should be able to focus on planning for your new arrival. Hip pains along the way (and any other pains, for that matter) should not keep you from doing all of the fun things that come with having a baby.

Remember that many women have had hip pains during pregnancy, so talk with your friends, sisters, and your mom. Let them know how you feel, and if they had the same hip pains as you, ask them what they did to help ease the pain. Pregnancy can be difficult enough without the extra stress, so just try to relax and enjoy yourself.