Bissell Steam Cleaner & Sweeper Review

Are you fed up with your floor cleaner that doesn’t give you 100 % impurity free clean up?

The BISSELL Steam & Sweep Hard Floor Cleaner, 46B4 will give you the opportunity to put away your broom sticks, mop and buckets. This product is a very powerful tool that will make your cleaning easier. Now there is no more need to bend down and look for dirt. This cleaner gives a thorough cleaning of your hard floor.

Makes your home cleaning easy!

The dual functioning hardwood steam mop and sweeper makes your floor free from dirt. The powerful technology of the sweeping that employs the natural steam technology will clean up your floor like never before! Thus, this one step cleaning process provides you a complete house cleaning in less time. Due to its latest tech design the cleaner gives smooth clean edge to the floor without using any chemical residues. The sweeper is useful to blow off dust and small particles while the steam mop can help cleaning floor types like marble, stone, ceramic tile, vinyl and sealed hardwood floors.

A Philips screwdriver is useful to assemble the cleaner quickly and with ease. There is a filter included in the floor cleaner which can help removing impurities from tap water and thus protect your cleaner from any damage. It comes with a built in heater and a removable tank. You can refill the water tank any time during use. There is a light that will glow when water steams up and your cleaner is ready for use. You will be simply required to press the trigger to release steam. Its adjusting swivel head helps you to reach tight spaces that were quite difficult before. The water-tank can hold 17.5 ounces of water and the cleaner is washable.  You can reuse the microfiber mop pad which is safe for all kind of hard floor surfaces. In order to have an entire room clean up it also featured with a 30 feet power cord.

Top features:-

  • One step cleaner with dual functioning steam and sweeper.
  • It weighs around 13 pounds with dimensions measuring 8.5 x 11.8 x 46 inches.
  • Uses ordinary tap water.
  • It is 100 % chemical free with no harmful residues and smoke. Thus cleans and sanitizes naturally.
  • Featured with a water purification filter, removable water tank, adjustable swivel heads and re- useable microfiber mop pads.
  • 30 feet power cord included for entire room cleaning.
  • Easy carry handle, easy empty dustbin and a rotating soft bristle sweeper brush.
  • Kills invisible germs and dirt particles if used as directed.
  • A time saving cleaner that doesn’t require any funnels.
  • Comes with 2 years warranty.

Customer’s review:

BISSELL Steam & Sweep Hard Floor Cleaner, 46B4 is a versatile product which you can use every day for cleaning your house daily. There are 99 customer reviews with mixed reactions. Most of them are quite happy to use the cleaner every day as they find it very easy to handle. There are few who are disappointed with its functional modes. Due to the positive as well negative outputs it has acquired a moderate rating of 3.1 stars at However, don’t overlook and miss its positive features and visit Amazon to get the best offer.